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Strawberry Shortcake Pops and Cheese

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Strawberry Shortcake Pops. 
Strawberry purée sandwiched in between a yogurt/honey/vanilla wafer blend. Made with Grape Stomper bx2 shake.

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These photos were sent in to us by a patient.  He wanted to share it with fellow growers in LV.

Cheese (flowering @ week 6)
Fox Farm ocean forest with grow big and big bloom nutrients. Lighting: household CFLS supplemented with outdoor lighting.

Keep it growing, Nevada :)

cheese cheese2 cheese3


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Harle-Tsu // 35 / 65 / 130 / 260

A CBD rich strain that will give more of a body high as opposed to a mind high. Will do wonders for cancer patients and reducing harmful bacteria from the body.
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Sour Tsunami // 35 / 65 / 130 / 260

A CBD rich strain that tastes sweet and hits perfectly from a doobie. Large, dense nugs from the sunny Emerald Triangle.

March Madness

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Grape Stomper BX2 // 45 / 90
Grown indoors using Quantum Growth and Nature’s Nectar for nutrients and Royal Gold’s Mendo Mix x Basement Mix soil. Layered with a thick coat of frosty THC and a mouth watering grape flavor.

Sensi Star at week 7

SFV OG Kush at week 8

Harlequin x LTC99 at week 4


Maple Syrup Cake Pop

Organic Canadian maple syrup mixed into a gluten free soft and fluffy vanilla batter and coated with an orange candy glaze. Perfect for game days at the sportsbook.

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NYC Diesel // 45 / 90 / 170

Grown indoors using Fox Farm soil & organic nutrients. Frosty covered nugs with slight hues of purple.



Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries // 5


Happy Easter & March Madness!


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Bacterial Fungus.

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New website.
Updated Menu.

T.K.O. Kush // 45 / 90 / 170 / 320

Greenhouse, soil

A heavy hitting Indica that will increase your appetite and cause drowsiness. More potent than the Lemon Guru. Combines the indoor lighting with outdoor sunny goodness to create one of the strongest and tastiest strains we have ever sampled.

& Limited Edition Handmade Business Cards.



Headband Kush, Lemon OG, Blue Train, Chem D, G.G.G. Shatter

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Headband Kush|Hybrid
Headband (OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel) x OG Kush. Grown outdoor from Humboldt using a black box method. Great for euphoria & eccentric artists.

Lemon OG | Indica
Grown outdoors using the black box method. Light fluffy green nugs with a strong body high. Lemony sweet.


Blue Train|Hybrid
Trainwreck x Blue Dream. Grown outdoors in Humboldt. Tastes like blueberries :) and is definitely a creeper.
Chem D| Hybrid
Grown from CLONE, a first run from 3 trimmings donated to our collective. Roots Organics soil with photosynthesis plus & Quantum Growth Light. Pick the rest of it up before we smoke it all to ourselves. Chem D is a CLONE ONLY!

Gage Green Genetic’s Premium Bud Shatter
Created using high grade premium buds from the Gage Green Genetic’s garden. An amber tinted beauty created by the most humble shatter king on the West Coast.

GSC Shatter, Chemdawg, Trainwreck

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Girl Scout Cookies High Grade Shatter
Made by Gage Green Genetics from someone who we would give an arm and a leg for. A professional breeder who is untouchable. The best we’ve ever had. Wax you can actually taste. Girl Scout Cookies like you’ve never had before.

The infamous Chemdawg.  Grown from clone.  Notice the spacing between bud sites.  Grown in Roots Organic soil using Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth Light.  Coming soon.
Retiring.  Last batch of Trainwreck.  Coming soon.


Blackwater OG, Kush, Fruit Tarts

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KOS Genetics

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